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Maury County is undertaking this project to comprehensively update its Zoning Resolution and Subdivision Regulations, which is an important and significant undertaking. The County’s goals for the project are to create modern and user-friendly documents that:  

  • Guide development in the different locations in the county in ways that are consistent with the County’s planning and development objectives;  

  • Implement the County’s comprehensive plan and other adopted plans; 

  • Incorporate modern best zoning and development practices, where appropriate;  

  • Incorporate graphics and illustrations to better communicate zoning concepts; and 

  • Make the development process easier to understand and navigate.


We encourage anyone who is interested to participate. There are many ways to learn about the project and to provide input:


  • Sign-up and receive project updates so that you always have the latest information. 

  • Attend public events. 

  • Review draft materials and provide your comments. 

To receive project updates, please sign up below.  

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Public Meeting on Updated Zoning Ordinance

June 2024


A public review draft of Modules 1A and 1B of the new Zoning Ordinance is available, and a public meeting offering the opportunity to provide public comment will take place on Tuesday, June 25 at 4 pm at the War Memorial Building, 308 W 7th St, Columbia TN.


At the meeting, the team from Clarion Associates that has been working with the county on the update to the Zoning Resolution will present an overview of the two modules, which comprise the bulk of the proposed new Zoning Ordinance. The draft is available on the Documents & Work Products Page. Modules 1A and 1B include:

  • Updated zoning districts regulations that are easier to understand, better describe the districts' purposes, include more graphics, with no significant changes in allowable densities

  • New zoning districts that can be applied to allow additional types of development in appropriate locations in the county.

  • Updated and clarified use regulations, including easy-to-use use tables that list which uses are permitted in the different zoning districts.

  • Reorganized and updated use-specific standards that apply to particular uses.

  • Reorganized and updated administrative provisions, that clearly identify the applicable review and decision-making bodies, the steps of the development review process, and the criteria for approval.

  • Transitional standards that address the change from the prior Zoning Resolution to the new Zoning Ordinance

  • Restructured and clarified provisions governing nonconforming uses and enforcement.

MODULE 1A of Maury County's new Zoning Ordinance RELEASED

May 2023

The draft of the first installment of Maury County's new Zoning Ordinance, Module 1A, is now available. This installment includes two key sections of the new Zoning Ordinance – Article 3: Zone Districts, establishes the basic rules for the use of property in each district, including minimum lot sizes, minimum setbacks, and maximum building heights..  Article 4: Use Regulations, establishes which principal, accessory, and temporary uses are permitted in each district, the standards that apply to all uses, and standards that apply only to specific uses. Finally, the draft includes the portions of Article 8: Definitions and Rules for Construction, Interpretation, and Measurement, that are relevant to Articles 3 and 4. The draft is available on the Documents & Work Products Page.


Members of the consulting team will provide a presentation on the draft  to the Maury County Commission on Wednesday, May 24, and to the Regional Planning Commision on Thursday, May 25. Both meetings will take place at 5 pm at the Commission Meeting Room, 6 Courthouse Square, Columbia, TN 38401.

Zoning Resolution and Subdivision Regulations ASSESSMENT RELEASED

July 2022

The assessment of the Zoning Resolution and Subdivision Regulations has been released. The report includes a diagnosis of the current regulations, recommended revisions to include in the updated regulations, and suggested outlines for a rewritten Zoning Ordinance and new Subdivision Regulations. Members of the consultant team will give a presentation on the Code Assessment to the Planning Commission on Thursday, July 21 at 4:30 pm

You can find the report on the Documents & Work Products Page. 

PROJECT Website Launch 

November 2021

The project website has launched! Check back here for information about the project including upcoming meetings and events! 

Project Kickoff
November 2021


The first phase of the project will include document review and a series of meetings with staff and the Planning Commission. Check out this page for more info. 

PROJECT Consultant Selection
November 2021


The project will be conducted under the direction of the County's Building & Zoning Department, with assistance from Clarion Associates, McBride-Dale Clarion, and Kristi Dunlap Ransom, Esq. 

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